Peterbilt Model 587


The Model 587 interior features an integrated cab and sleeper that matches luxury with efficiency and productivity. The spacious and ergonomic cab interior provides plenty of legroom, swivel seats, dual arm rests and easy access to switches and power controls for added comfort and convenience. It includes a full 30-inches of walk-through space between the seats, offering easy access to a sleeper that surrounds the driver with functional amenities and accessible storage space such as cabinet enclosed closets and under-bunk storage.

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The Peterbilt Model 587 has been recognized as fuel efficient and environmentally friendly by the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) SmartWay program, which establishes fuel-saving, low-emission specs for new Class 8 long-haul tractors.

A new front-end design smoothly diverts air over and around the streamlined hood and molded bumper. Aerodynamic improvements have been validated through extensive wind tunnel and computational fluid dynamics testing, resulting in a 1.25% fuel efficiency gain.

The Model 587 features a newly designed steering geometry that provides an impressive curb-to-curb maneuverability improvement of 12%.

The innovative new forward lighting system significantly improves visibility, including more  consistent light distribution and better overall road coverage and down-road visibility. Standard halogen lights feature a 35% increase in brightness while optional high-intensity discharge lights provide a 220% increase.

A new robust gas spring design allows for easier opening and closing of the battery/tool box and helps ensure items are stored safely and securely.

The Premium interior features the revolutionary new SmartNav™ system, an in-dash, telematics and infotainment system. SmartNav™ features a 7-inch touch screen that provides real-time vehicle monitoring, a truck-specific Garmin navigation system, hands-free Bluetooth connectivity, voice recognition, a fully integrated audio system with satellite radio as well as MP3, USB and iPod capabilities.

Peterbilt’s proprietary Front Air Leaf Suspension is lightweight and features 20% improvement in ride quality over taper leaf suspensions for an extremely soft ride and is compatible with air disc brakes as well reduces tire wear. The Front Air Leaf Suspension’s ride height is designed to match the popular Low Air Leaf and FlexAir rear suspensions.

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